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Soil Corrosivity

Customer Question / Problem

A new greenhouse will be build and therefore steel foundation piles are placed partly into the ground.

How corrosive is the ground and should the steel structure be protected against soil corrosion?


Examination of in-situ soil according to DIN50929-3:2018-0 (soil corrosivity assessment):

  • Soil composition
  • Soil resistivity
  • Water content, pH, buffer capacity, salt content


According to DIN50929-3:2018-0, the results of the measured parameters are translated to Z values. All Z values must be added together, in the present case resulting in a value of -9. This value means that the soil can be classified as soil category II which is an aggressive soil type.

Final Conclusion

The in-situ soil is aggressive and can cause corrosion of the steel foundation piles which are partly buried in soil.


The steel foundation piles should be properly coated. Coating type and thickness should be chosen based on the environmental conditions in the greenhouse build.

Case study 2: Other markets

Fracture plane analysis

Customer demand

What causes the mesh of the sieve to tear?


Break analysis of the broken wires of the sieve
Breukvlak analyse m.b.v. elektronenmicroscopie

Final conclusion

Wires broken due to side impact.


Such problems can be avoided in the future by proper analysis

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