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A unique combination of people, research and knowledge

The Endures specialists

The Endures team consists of highly qualified specialists with diverse scientific backgrounds. Our unique balance between scientific experience and technical possibilities (partly due to our unique location by the sea) enables us to offer effective and appropriate solutions. Our team consists of materials scientists, (micro) biologists, chemists, corrosion, fouling and coating specialists.

Sibo Buter

Managing Director
  • 10+ years of experience in the field of electrochemistry and corrosion
  • 5+ years of coating inspection experience
  • BSc Analytical chemistry

Elvan Ekiz

Team Leader
  • 15+ years experience in materials science and engineering
  • 7+ years experience in project leadership
  • PhD – Materials Science and Engineering – University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC)
  • M.Sc – Materials Science and Engineering – Istanbul Technical University (ITU)
  • B.Sc – Metallurgical and Materials Engineering – Istanbul Technical University (ITU)

Nanni Noël-Hermes

Expert Microbial Corrosion & Biofilms

12+ years of experience in MIC and biofilms

  • PhD Chemistry- Aquatic Biotechnology (Biofilm Centre, Universiteit Duisburg-Essen, DE)
  • MSc Water Science: Analytics, chemistry and microbiology (Universiteit Duisburg, Essen, DE)

Jaap Hooijmans

Senior Researcher Corrosion and Failure Analysis

25+ Years of experience in Material Science, Failure Analysis, Corrosion and Electrochemistry

PhD Materials Science, Delft University of Technology

Maria Salta

Expert Biofilms, Biofouling and Fouling Control
  • 12+ Years of experience in Marine Biofilms, Biofouling / Antifouling
  • 7+ Years of experience in Enviromental Microbiology
  • PhD, Antifouling test methods for Marine Biofilms, University of Southampton, UK
  • MRes (Masters of Research), Marine Sciences, University of Southampton, UK
  • BSc (Hons), Marine Biology with Oceanography, University of Southampton, UK

Joost van Dam

Expert Corrosion, Electrochemistry & Materials
  • 8+ Years of experience in Material Science, Corrosion and Electrochemistry
  • 7+ Years of experience in Protective coatings and Adhesive bonding
  • MSc Materials Science & Engineering (Delft University of Technology)
  • BSc Chemistry (University of Amsterdam)

Xiaolong Zhang

Expert Corrosion & Electrochemistry

20+ years of experience in materials science, corrosion and electrochemistry

  • PhD Corrosion Technology & Electrochemistry (Delft University of Technology)
  • MSc. Physics, Hunan University, China

Sabine Meyers

Microbiological Analist
  • 13+ Years of experience as off-shore lab-technician
  • 6+ Years of experience in Microbiological analysis.
  • Food Technology, Clusius College Alkmaar
  • Course Microbially Influenced Corrosion (MIC)

Stephen Heyn

Materials Engineer
  • 10+ Years experience as Material Engineer
  • Post BSc/MSc course Corrossion at the Hogeschool

Peter Dekker

Technical laboratory employee

25+ Years experience in metalworking, construction and electrical engineering

  • MBO electrical engineering
  • HBO electrical engineering

Kirsten Kooijman

Biofilms, Biofouling and Fouling Control / Technician
  • 13+ Years of experience as laboratory employee in the lab and on board
  • 6+ Years of experience in diverse laboratory.
  • Allround laboratory employee (NOVA College Beverwijk)


Below is a selection of our more recent publications in various scientific journals.

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