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The Endures specialists help reduce your costs by:

1) Selecting proper materials
2) Effective protection of your materials
3) Find root cause of failure

How can we be of service?


Prevent corrosion or treat corrosion damage? 
Need advice regarding materials and corrosion protection?


More information about antifouling, biofouling and alternative  applications?

Failure Analysis

Damage investigation or claim? Water pipe / sprinkler system blown? ENDURES investigates the cause and provides solutions!

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC)

More information about microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC)?

Soil Corrosion

Do you have damage to your buried structure? Curious about how corrosive your soil is, and whether your exposed materials are sufficiently protected?

Protective Coatings

Want to learn more about the performance of your coating under specific circumstances?

Need immediate help?

Corrosion? Corrosion damage? Damage investigation? Coatings? Research into the cause or prediction of corrosion progress? ENDURES can help you today! Our unique approach ensures a reduction in your operational costs by choosing suitable materials and protecting your assets!

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About Endures

The name is derived from Endurance by research. Endures does not only conduct research under practical and laboratory conditions that leads to an extension of the life of materials. We also conduct damage studies on ships, installations and structures to determine which type of corrosion occurs, which specific circumstances play a role and how such damage can be prevented in the future. ENDURES combines microbiological expertise, electrochemistry and materials science for this purpose. Click here for more information about our success formula. 

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