About Endures

A unique combination of people, research and knowledge

About Endures

The name is derived from Endurance by Research. Endures does not only conduct research under practical and laboratory conditions that leads to an extension of the life of materials. We also conduct damage studies on ships, installations and structures to determine which type of corrosion occurs, which specific circumstances play a role and how such damage can be prevented in the future. ENDURES combines microbiological expertise, electrochemistry and materials science for this purpose.

Success Formula Endures

People determine success. That certainly applies to Endures. Our people are very flexible, available 24 hours a day and knowledgeable. Our team of specialists consists of a unique mix of practical employability, level of education, age and men and women. Click here to get to know our team directly.

In addition to people, our facilities are also indispensable in our approach. ENDURES has a C3 / C4 test site by the sea for the exposure of coated and uncoated panels / objects. We are also able to perfectly simulate, for example, seaworthy conditions (for the offshore). We also have a complete laboratory at our disposal with extensive measuring equipment to solve all corrosion-related issues. So we don’t just look at the surface, because often the causes of problems lie much deeper.

Finally, our people have knowledge in the field of corrosion, materials science, electrochemistry, MIC (microbiologically influenced corrosion) and protective coatings.

Unique approach

Endures has over 50 years of experience and has a unique combination of disciplines in house. Corrosion problems occur in many places and in many different forms. However, a solution is not straightforward, every situation is different. By combining the disciplines: metallurgy, biology and corrosion, Endures can find the cause and solution of all corrosion-related issues in a very accurate manner. In this way, we have already proven to be of great added value to many customers because problems could also be identified at an early stage.

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